EFT for Abundance Products



by Dr. Carol Look


e-book and audio set (paperback also available)

If you are tired of not having enough money, time, love or success, then this is the book for you! In an easy to follow style, this book combines:

The simplicity of EFT
The fun of Abundance Games
The power of the Law of Attraction
Tips to help you magnetize success

The 2nd edition of Attracting Abundance with EFT includes 10 new abundance tapping sequences and new chapters covering Specific Events, Tell the Story, Finding Your EFT Target, and The Intensity Rating.

Price: $39.95

The Energy of Money

by Dr. Carol Look

25 MP3 Audio Recordings + 87 page PDF Transcript – Download
Join EFT Master Carol Look for 3 hours of tapping sequences as she helps you release all your negative emotions around the subject of money. Release the anxiety, the worry, the stress and the fear about not having enough, about scarcity and about where the abundance will come from in your life.
Downloadable PDF Transcript and MP3 Audio Files

Price: $75

Clearing Your Subconscious Blocks to Attracting Success and Abundance

by Dr. Carol Look

21 MP3 Audio Recordings + 80 page PDF Transcript – Download
Have you ever suspected that you have hidden subconscious blocks to attracting financial abundance? If so, you’re right… we all do! We can’t help but absorb our family’s blocks and beliefs about money and success; we just didn’t know a way to clear them until now. Listen in to hours of tapping sequences with EFT Master Carol Look and learn how
to acknowledge, own and clear any parental, ancestral, or societal blocks to attracting success and abundance into your life.
Downloadable PDF Transcript and MP3 Audio Files

Price: $99


15 Keys for Bringing Energy Psychology and the Law of Attraction to Your Bottom Line.

By Dr. Carol Look

Enjoy 18 audio CDs to help you attract abundance to your business!

  • 9 audio CDs detailing the 15 “KEYS” to making your business much more successful using the Law of Attraction and meridian tapping. I lead you through this part of the program and help you put these special keys into practice in your business
  • 9 audio CDs recording “live” sessions with business owners and entrepreneurs who want to move through their energetic blocks and limiting beliefs. Discover your own issues and blocks as you listen to theirs and tap along…
  • A 93 page downloadable “Study Guide” (PDF) to help you work through this extensive audio program
  • The entire audio CD program in downloadable MP3 format, available immediately.

Price: $197.00


By Dr. Carol Look

Set your intention for Attracting Abundance with Carol Look’s “Attracting Abundance” package.

What is included in this package?
The following products and services are included in the Beginner’s Abundance Package:

Carol’s e-book, Attracting Abundance with EFT
The e-book forms the energetic foundation for anyone intending to attract success and abundance into their lives this coming year. There are nearly 50 identified abundance issues covered in this e-book with 2 complete corresponding EFT rounds written out for you. In addition, this e-book provides 5 energy changing “abundance games” and teaches you how to apply the Law of Attraction to help you effortlessly magnetize your desires into your life.

Internet audio files of Carol’s e-book
Listen to audio recordings of the entire e-book, section by section, or choose which issue you need to address to improve your life. Tap along with Carol as she helps you neutralize and collapse your blocks to attracting abundance.

One full year of weekly audio tappings (52 separate files). You may access these files for years to come.

These weekly audio “tap-alongs” will keep you connected to the energy of abundance and inspire you to move forward towards allowing abundance into your life. Listen to them daily or weekly to enhance your overall program and boost your attracting power. You may access the master page with all 52 weekly tap-alongs whenever you wish.

Price: $97.00


by Dr. Carol Look

12 Audio CD Set

Enjoy attracting abundance by listening and tapping along with this newly released set of audio CDs — 13 hours of audio materials (6 CDs covering Law of Attraction and EFT exercises and 6 CDs with “live” sessions) to help you identify and release all the remaining emotional barriers to creating an abundant life in the new year! Enjoy moving from a vibration of scarcity to prosperity consciousness by raising your vibration of abundance.

This 12 CD series covers:

  • EFT and the Law of Attraction
  • The Downside of Success
  • Safety, Identity, and Deserving Issues
  • Procrastination
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Raising Your Vibration
  • “I Deserve To Be Punished For Failing”
  • “I Feel Trapped and Angry”
  • “I Can’t Have It All and Stay Balanced”
  • “I’m Being Taken Advantage of Again”
  • “Men Are Babies”
  • “I’m Afraid to Put Myself Out There”

Price: $99.00


by Dr. Carol Look

4 DVD Set of Attracting Abundance

Tap along with this workshop gathering as if you attended the workshop and clear your limiting beliefs and blocks to success and abundance in all areas of your life.

  • Clear Limiting Beliefs keeping you from your goals
  • Open up to the Law of Attraction
  • Tap with directed wording
  • Follow along as Carol guides you to build your prosperity consciousness

And more…

Price: $129.00